GU PoP is an interactive website that highlights the ten top policy issues of the day.  The site provides: background information on each issue; the conservative and liberal response to the issue; an opportunity to register your opinion on the issues and candidates; the results of opinion polling on the issue for your state and the nation; and encourages students to become active members in their government through participation.

Along with the site's informational and polling platforms, Georgetown University's Pulse of the Populace provides lesson plans and activities for We the People classrooms.  Register with a username to use the full capacity of the site.  Reference registration instructions here and click the logo above to access the GU PoP platform.

Lesson Plans

This document is a guide for using GU PoP in We the People classrooms. Download and print the lesson plan here.

Classroom Partnership Guides

This document provides instructions for different ways teachers can create partnerships with other classrooms to practice vital civics skills. Download and print the lesson plan here.



Address any questions or suggestions for GU PoP to Scott Schroeder, a member of the JMLP Research team, at