Evaluation of the JMLP: Cohort I

The teacher evaluation consists of a school-level, randomized quasi-experimental study of the impact of the JMLP professional development program administered during Cohort 1.

  • Teachers’ civic knowledge increased significantly after completing the JMLP PD program. JMLP teachers averaged seven more questions correct on the civic knowledge posttest than the control group teachers.
  • After the PD program, JMLP teachers were significantly more inclined than the control group teachers to ascribe to the goals of educating students about core democratic principles and the basics of American government. JMLP teachers also became more committed to preparing students to take an active role in public affairs and engage in their communities.
  • JMLP teachers gained in self-efficacy after going through the PD program. While the JMLP teachers scored higher than the control teachers on self-efficacy post-PD, the difference was not statistically significant.